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With decades of experience exploring and mapping the dark web, Shyield is pioneering and engineering the next wave of intuitive dark web intelligence solutions.

    Data Quality

    We provide the most actionable, timely and relevant dark web intelligence and data to our customers.


    Through the use of human-applied research and intuitive technology, dark web data is detected, collected and delivered in an efficient and systematic way.


    From dark web intelligence assessments and reports to daily alerts and notifications, Shyield carefully crafts every dark web intelligence solution to each and every customer security need.

    Deeper Access

    We have access to over 1+ billion dark web sources across 20+ different native-speaking languages.


    Our Services


    Our Dark Web Investigation Unit consists of former government operatives and elite dark web intelligence analysts. Our Unit has extensive experience safely, securely and amply conducting a wide array of dark web investigations on behalf of various clients and industries.

    • Leaked Credential Investigations
    • Identity Theft Investigations
    • Brand Investigations
    • Threat Actor Investigations
    • Cryptocurrency Address Investigations
    • Special Investigations

    If you had the power to look into the dark web, what would you look for?


    Our leaked credential monitoring solution alerts enterprises when compromised employee credentials surface across our ever-evolving data breach sources.

    • Get alerted when compromised employee credentials and related personally identifiable information is detected across our data breach sources
    • Receive actionable leaked credential analytics, assessments, monthly reports and notifications
    • Reduce your risk of falling victim to ransomware and business email compromise attacks
    • Receive world-class leaked credential remediation instruction
    • Bolster your overall cybersecurity posture


    Our penetration testing solutions uncover otherwise unknown security holes and weaknesses in enterprise websites, applications and networks:

    • Comply with security regulation – ISO 27001
    • Identify outdated software
    • Uncover system misconfigurations
    • Test your cyber defense capabilities


    Our Cyber Security insurance plans and policies protect enterprises from new and emerging cyber threats.

    • Network Security Liability Coverage
    • Media Liability Coverage
    • Privacy Liability Coverage
    • Confidential Information and Extortion Liability Coverage
    • Confidential Information and Recovery Liability Coverage
    • Business Network Interruption Liability Coverage
    • Payment Card Industry Liability Coverage

    Our Partners